The Team

Simonov Salterenko (left) - Simon is now struggling to find new places to visit. However, his knowledge of mechanics is still lacking, not knowing a spark plug from a shock absorber. Simon is learning Kazakh for the trip. Mostly by watching Borat.

Alexei Joslinov (right) - Alex the grease monkey and mechanical mastermind, has now started taking on the world, with drives to the Gambia and Hungary and now the former iron curtain. Alex is learning English for this adventure. Mostly by watching Borat.

Katy and Ros – The Press Officer and the Web Designer are the drivers' other halves. They are the support crew and back office organisers for the team, yet again.



'My grasp of the language
is more Cossack
than Kazakh'
Photograph of Simon and Alex having completed the Maldon Mud Race as part of team NoMudRush