Team Nomadrush

Simon Salter: Si (left) has spent many years travelling to all corners of the globe. In recent years he has combined his passion for adventure with a number of fundraising projects for countries less fortunate than ours and for charities closer to home.

Si is always thinking up the next event.

Alex Joslin: Alex (right) - the grease monkey and mechanical mastermind who is all too often roped into these adventures by Si. He enjoys getting involved with their various fundraising efforts and is never afraid to make a fool of himself.

Al is always waiting to be told of the next event.

Katy and Ros: The Press Officer and the Web Designer are the teams' other, more attractive, intelligent and organised halves. They are the support crew and back office organisers for the team on Alex and Si's crazy exploits, mission control to these crazy space cowboys. They always dread the next event.




Photograph of Simon and Alex with Mungo the taxi
During the London to Bishkek challenge 2009

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